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  • Laminate Flooring

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    Laminate Offers:

    • Versatile, tons of design options – simulates the look of dozens of different natural hardwood materials
    • Easy to maintain and care for
    • Advanced flooring technology makes laminate floors very durable
    • Excellent value

  • Vinyl Flooring

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    Vinyl Offers:

    • Large assortment of styles and looks at excellent value and durability
    • Comfortable to walk or stand on
    • Stain and spill resistant, easy to clean and maintain
    • Very versatile – kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, family rooms – works in any room of your home

  • Carpet Flooring

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    Carpet Offers:

    • Comfortable, soft and warm
    • Sound absorbing fibers and proper carpet cushions mean quieter rooms – carpet is always a popular choice for hallways and bedrooms
    • Carpeting options for pets that protect against stains caused by pet accidents. Even carpet options that make vacuuming pet hair much easier.
    • Low to medium periodic maintenance

  • Hardwood Flooring

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    Hardwood Offers:

    • Adds warmth and beauty
    • Can add lasting value to your home
    • Offers great design flexibility
    • Does not retain dust, pollen and other allergens
    • Low maintenance
    • Enhances room décor and offers ageless beauty

  • Tile

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    Tile Offers:

    • Tile and stone are available in a huge assortment of types, sizes, colors, and patterns, enabling your creativity to really shine
    • Grout color can be customized to fit with your design idea
    • Stain resistant grout can be used for high-traffic areas like kitchen counters or kitchen backsplashes to ease maintenance
    • You can use accent colors, mosaics and unique tile and stone designs to make your space your own

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